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Translating Academic Content:A Challenge
Translation of an academic content is not an easy job. Lots of responsibility comes with it as you are carrying concepts, terminologies and history of the terms in a particular branch of knowledge from one language to another. For conducting the accurate meaning along with all the above mentioned potentialities, you have to reach up to the root of the word; the etymology of the word. Then only you can select, use or coin an apt word.

Here, we will discuss the word Narcissist. The term Narcissism has its origin in Greek Mythology. It refers to Narcissus, who fell in love with his own image reflected in the water. Narcissism is a very significant concept in the psychoanalytic theory. To love yourself to a limited extend is a normal behaviour, but to be completely in love with yourself and becoming unaware of your surroundings is not a symptom of physical or mental health. So, it is considered as a psychological disorder.

Now, If you have to translate the word Narcissist into Marathi you have to choose a word very carefully. You can not use the story of Narcissus transforming into a flower engrossed in self-love as reference. As it will not give the idea of the exact meaning the word connotes. Be aware of the false friend's of the translator. These references can misguide you in the process of translation. You cannot use the word ‘आत्मकेंद्री’ as it is different from being egocentric. Except for one or two cases Narcissism is considered as personality disorder, so the sense connoting a negative shade should also be there. In this case, you have to reach up to the roots of the particular word, historical references attached to the word. Then you can reach up to the suitable word which catches the exact soul of the word. As the word is originated from proper noun you cannot translate it literally, but you can translate the soul of that particular word. The words ‘आत्मपूजक’ or ‘आत्मलुब्ध’ seem appropriate for Narcissist. Though these words ‘आत्मपूजक’ or ‘आत्मलुब्ध’ don’t mention Narcissus, they connote the action, the thought, the seed rooted in the word. And these words can conduct references with them. In the process of translation when you are coining a new word you should take the opinion of the scholars in the related field.

Thus, understanding the etymology, history of the word can lead to a better translation.
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