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Welcome to TranslationPanacea

TranslationPanacea is a group of language lovers!

Language is the vital sign of culture and is the basic expression of human being. Be it the electronic media, print or voice, language is the basic necessity for communication.

Publishing is the one industry which has taken the business of language to a different orbit, and we aspire to be the single-stop-solution for all back end services for publishers.

Started with the complete outsourced translation service, TranslationPanacea is now geared up to provide various services that free the publishers to concentrate on their core business. To name a few, our services include book review, rights management, epublishing, metadata maintenance.

TranslationPanacea is a division of Panacea BPO Services Pvt Ltd, which is a company registered in India.

For our entire ecosystem and its benefits, please read on!

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