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Services for Publishers

  • Outsourced Translation

    TranslationPanacea takes responsibility right from assigning the right translator for the project to timely translation, editing, proof reading, typesetting up to print ready copy of the translated title.

  • Editing

    If you have a translation ready, our expert editors can edit it, for ensuring if the essence of the original book is captured, if it is free from any errors of commission/omission and if the flavor of target language is brought into the translation.

  • Proof Reading

    We will proof read the manuscript to ensure it is free from any grammatical, spelling and typo errors.

  • Typesetting

    We will typeset your final approved manuscript in the layout, 'As You Want It.'

  • Book Scouting

    TranslationPanacea can help you have good manuscripts in the Indian language for publishing in that language or for translation in to the relevant languages.

  • Book Review

    You will have book reviews written professionally and posted on various sites or given to you for publishing elsewhere.

  • Literary Agency

    We represent very good authors. Also we work closely with publishers. This meets the good work of authors to publishers working specifically in that sphere.

  • Content Development

    We develop content on a specific subject as desired by a publisher and create a book. And needless to say, it is never a copy paste job. Our experts and authors add great value and make it an engaging read for the target readers.

  • HTML / XML Conversion

    TranslationPanacea can convert your content into html / xml formats

  • Metadata Maintenance

    TranslationPanacea can help you maintain the metadata of your titles.

Why TranslationPanacea
  • No dependency on individual translator

    The book is translated by a person with the subject background, besides being an expert in the language pair.

    Translation of various languages editions can happen simultaneously.

    No coordination effort and cost to the publisher.

    No fixed cost attached to a language line.

    Unlimited opportunity for entering into multiple languages translation rights and thus mitigate risk.

    Publishers are thus free to concentrate on their core activity of publishing and distribution.


Each book is considered as a separate project. One editor is responsible for the book, its quality and delivery. In initial dialogue, the editor and translator discuss and agree on style, policy of selection of words, deliverables and time schedule. Quick and thorough feedbacks from the editor or the translated parts improves the translation quality. Typeset chapter is sent to the publisher for approval. And then finally, on the schedule, the beautiful translation is delivered to the delighted publisher.


From and into English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati, Tamil, Telugu.A book of about 50000 words is delivered in print ready for in about 2 month.


We have delivered about 200 books on the following subjects:

  • Self Help   





    Body Language   


    Cook Books   



    Cyber Security   

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