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Translation : A career of choice for creative readers

Every author is basically a good reader. Good readers are mostly good critics - who can differentiate best from banal.

And there are some readers who are good story tellers. They can tell other people what the author has written.

When she does so, without adding any commentary, in a different language, she is doing what is called translation. When she does it regularly, with commitment and keeps sharpening her skiils, she is doing translations professionally.

Yes, good readers CAN make good translators, if they choose to.

Being good reader is the first step. Mastering the other language/s, acquiring translation skills are the next steps.

Often people doubt if it is a 'career' from r two reasons. They are unaware of the 'career path' and are uncertain about the financial security. Translation is a career choice which actually goes far beyond these doubts.

If you factor in the 'learn while you earn' factor, the immense satisfaction and personal development it brings along with it, one would never stop loving his work.

Speaking of career path, a good translator can reach to newer heights in terms of productivity and versatility. He may, later in his career go for further option; like editing, training, review, selective translation, interpretation and others. As for financial security, it's like any other profession. So long as you deliver quality work in time, there is no dearth of work.

When one translates any content, one has to understand it completely. On the process, one learns a lot. It also creates interest and curiosity in the mind of a translator which leads to tremendous personal and professional development. It also brings about acceptance and tolerance.

Translation can be a great career for any language loving professional.

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