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Article   | The Elusive equation of quality and time

In the field of translation, we often dread the word ‘Deadline’. While discussing a project with a translator, we often get to hear the sentence “Isn’t the deadline a bit tight?”What is it about deadlines that make them so imperative in our line of work?

A tight schedule is very common in most fields of work. In case of technical translations, clients always ask to deliver the copy within a few hours!

The nature of the work doesn’t allow one to question the time-line. We have to deliver the work within the deadline. Then why can’t we say the same about other translation projects? Let’s analyse this.

A deadline can be treated like a sword hanging over our heads, or like a goal that we are moving towards. When we know the time-line, it allows us to schedule our work better and plan other projects around it. Things also become easier for other processes down the line for a book, like editing, proofing, typesetting and ultimately publishing. Simply put, if we have a target in front of us, then we can complete the project on time.

For delivering technical translations smoothly one can use memory tools and work faster. But don’t forget to revisit your own work before delivering it. Although book translations involve more creativity, one must try to stay within the schedule agreed. However, if for any reason the schedule is not adhered to, it is important to keep all concerned parties abreast of the changes in order to avoid last-minute chaos.

Here at TranslationPanacea, we provide a schedule for every project; may it be a document of 50 words or a book of 300 pages. We follow our schedule strictly. It helps us to keep our all projects streamlined and complete them on time. We understand the importance of time and quality. We have solved the equation of providing quality work on time!

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