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Article   | Subtitling for product info and corporate videos

Subtitles means the text lines appearing usually at the bottom of the screen, reproducing the dialogues and / or other sounds in the film.

Any audio visual content is produced in a specific language. To reach the contents to viewers speaking different languages, we need to make it available in various languages. There are two options. One is dubbing the whole film in desired language / languages. Subtitles is the other option.

Subtitles can come very handy if a company is planning to have its marketing AV content in various languages. As compared to dubbing, it is economical on time and cost. The subtitled AVs can engage viewers from different target markets. It is especially significant when it is observed that only 25% of internet users search contents in English, rest of the World uses internet and prefers to watch AV content in their own languages.

Success of subtitles depend on two things- one, the quality of translation, that it the language and two, the appearance of subtitles, that is the technical side.

TranslationPanacea can help with excellent meaningful subtitles, keeping in mind the probable viewer profile. We adhere to international norms of subtitling as to placing, font, time coding and other details. It adds to the viewer experience and speaks about the company’s professional attitude.

We have given subtitle service to healthcare, tourism, agriculture and agri business as well as for corporate communications. If you have the AV content ready and if you are poised to enter a new geography, click here to contact us.

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