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Myths about Translation services

Translation is something that when you need it, you need it desparately. Until then, you don't need to know about it. So, who needs translation?
readers, students, researchers, manufacturers, businesspeople, consultants, publishers, script writers, film makers, doctors.... So, if you are among these, know what myths prevail about translation, especially when you are going to pay for that!

Myth #1 : Now translation softwares are there, no need to hire translator - Though there are intelligent translation softwares available around, they have their limitations. The first one is that the softwares, websites, computers are not humans. Language is what makes humans humans and translation is all about language. The contents are full of metaphors, hidden meaning, shades of words that a non-human can hardly capture.

Myth # 2 : Anybody who knows two languages can translate - Well, that is the first prerequisite, but that's just the starting point. Translation is a skill, that can be learnt. Translation is also an ability or art, which like any other art is better bestowed upon some. Good translators have the language and translation aptitude and have learnt the skill.

Myth # 3 : Any translator can translate anything - Theoretically, yes. However, there is one factor called `domain knowledge' that differentiates good translation from great translation. A person having medical background understands the content better, and also knows nuances in synonyms. Often good translators specify their field/s of expertise while taking up assignments.

When an agency takes up an assignment, it ensures that the content is allocated to such translator who is excellent in comprehension of source language, expression in the target language and has some domain background. So now when you go for translation, employ an agency who has human linguists from different domains.

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