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Article   | Is your eCommerce portal reaching your customers?

e-Commerce portal is a great way to reach your customers. It cuts through geographical limitations, cuts off infrastructure cost, cuts down the competition and boosts sale and profits. However, you need to reach the full potential of your portal. This can happen when you reach the maximum target buyers. You may be selling shoes, or washing machines or paintings, or diamonds, or stationery, or real estate, or insurance, or finance products..... your probable customers are located far and wide, they are from any part of the world. AND most importantly, they speak different languages.

Your portal must speak the language of your probable customers. They must be able to find you out in their own language. An Italian shoemaker will sell better if his portal is in Spanish, German, French and English. India makes a classic case for this.

In this country, India, there are 24 official languages. India is the third largest number of internet users. It is estimated that at the end of year 2014, India’s 243 million internet users will surpass the number of internet users in the USA. Interestingly, the penetration is not limited to metros, but to the smaller cities and towns as well. IMAI and IMRB attribute this growth to mobile phones, with some of the cheapest and most basic hand-sets today offering access to the internet. India has 110 million mobile internet users of which 25 million are in rural India. The growth of internet penetration in rural India is driven largely by the mobile phone; 70% of rural India's active internet population access the web via mobile phones. This may have to do with the difficulty in accessing PCs.

These small town smarters shop online, they use their debit and credit cards, use net banking.

The real customer base lies here :

• You speak their language.

• Make your portal communicate Indian languages – Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Punjabi, Garhwali, Tamil, Telugu, Bangla, Oriya, Assamese,

• Make your forms, messages, product specifications, price quotes in their own language.

TranslationPanacea gives you perfect translation, within the space limitation (our language action buttons do not exceed the button width, for example), in beautiful Unicode fonts, AND at very reasonable cost.

Come to TranslationPanacea, speak your customers’ languages.

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