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Introduction of the month

Mrs.Trupti Kulkarni

Trupti Kulkarni works as the editor with TranslationPanacea for more than a year. A Sanskrit scholar and an avid reader, Trupti has edited a range of translated works in fiction, academics and self help books. We are happy to present her as 'star of the month'.

⇛How do you started editing and translation?

Language was always my passion. While studying and teaching Sanskrit I discovered my skill and aptitude in translation. I thought, translation is instrumental for acquiring knowledge, information and literature hidden in different languages. So I took further interest in translation and joined TranslationPanacea.

⇛What kind of work you do at TranslationPanacea?

I'm working in TranslationPanacea for more than a year. Meanwhile I've done variety of work in translation and editing. I've translated, Sialkot Saga by Ashwin Sanghi and Emotional Intelligence by Dalip Singh. I've edited translations of academic & research books in Humanities, professional books & fictions as well.

⇛ What are the Quality norms of editing or translation?

Quality norms in TranslationPanacea are stringent. May it be a technical or literary translation. We mainly focus on three aspects: Words, Meaning and content. Our policy here is to be loyal to the author and convey the exact meaning of the content to the readers in simple yet beautiful and pertinent language. To avoid loss of content we review the translations thoroughly at TranslationPanacea. We don't compromise with the quality.

⇛ Necessity of quality norms

Language is an arbitrary process. But published content should be reader friendly; less complex yet not very simple. A reader should gain knowledge and information without any obstacle. Translation carries a lot of responsibility with it. Translator has to create a mirror image of the original content. So no commission or omission is allowed. Objectivity is virtue of a translator. Translator is conductor of the meaning, culture, words, idioms and thought process of source language. So to provide a responsible, flawless and reader friendly translation quality norms are essential and we strictly follow them.

⇛ My year with TranslationPanacea!

This year with TranslationPanacea was an enriching, learning and enlightening experience. While working, I felt that society should be more attentive towards languages. As it is a peculiar characteristic of mankind we should nurture it, nourish it. Maximum content should be exchanged within various language pairs.

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