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For Our Clients!

With 4 years of doing something innovative, TranslationPanacea was able to deliver some value to our clients. Based on the appreciation, feedback and testimonials, we can now say that our clients are happy that:

1] They can concentrate on their core activity – be it a publishing company, a media company or a software or application developer, or a marketing consultant, or a corporate communications department of a corporate; associated with TranslationPanacea, they can focus on their own core activity and leave the language part to us.

2]They have a solid language partner, they can go ahead and grab the new business – Two important things – a) we focus only on languages and do not have any ambition in any other business vertical like media, publishing, software etc. This creates huge confidence and comfort in the minds of our clients. And b) We do our work best. Our clients just don’t think about whether to commit about any language related work to their clients, as they have huge confidence in our capabilities.

3]They save time and efforts – This is true for all clients, however, it benefits the publishers the most, as the turnaround time and quality is assured, and more titles means more sale and more revenue.

Impressive, we must be doing something right. It’s a long list, let us share only the major 5 point somethings we always do:

1]Processise – we design and adhere to stringent processes, thus giving a solid frame to a highly fluid creative content. The process ensures in-build quality check, delivery and time adherence.

2]Use of Unicode – We got rid of non-unicode fonts in all Indian languages. This brings portability of fonts. Even in case of books, we started the use of only Unicode fonts, and created beautiful large books of complex layout in Indian languages. Some of our clients do insist for non-unicode fonts, so we do satisfy them, but we never stop showing them benefits of Unicode fonts.

3]Training and skill development – Continuous training and learning is an integral part of working with TranslationPanacea. At every stage and for every role, the linguist and the production team has to learn something new every month. The collective learning automatically benefits the clients.

4]Standardization – Right from sample assessment to feedback to the translator, almost everything is standardized. Translation is a creative process, so we recite after Einstein, ‘Creativity is a discipline’.

5]Development of new talent – We conduct periodic training programs on skills and methods of translation, where the new talent can learn not from mistakes, but from experts. There are a few more things that we did in that specific sector, and we would be happy to share it with you, what we did new in your sector. Tell us when we should call you.

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