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Filmy language: Beyond language borders

Film is a powerful and popular medium of expression where language plays an important role. Man has always tried to wordify his feelings, expressions through various types' literatures since past millenniums.

Previously, films used to be mime. Then, along with the technical progressions sound came in. This made it a mass medium. As people recognized power of the films, this medium reached in almost every country and many languages in the world. Then came forward need of subtitles and dubbing. The trend started with international film festivals. To reach the audience outside your language periphery all you need is translation.

Almost every one of us loves the action in south Indian movies. Language is never a barrier for Tollywood movies. Highest grossing film Bahubali 2 is a recent example. Originally made in both Telugu and Tamil, Bahubali 2 was also dubbed in Hindi, Malayalam and four foreign languages viz. German, French, Japanese and English.

These days, filmmakers have started acknowledging language market potential. Biopic of Sachin Tendulkar, Sachin : a billion dreams was released in Hindi, Marathi, English, Tamil and Telugu simultaneously. Recent Marathi film Muramba was released with English subtitles; as lead actor Mithila Palkar has huge English speaking on youtube.

Worldover, the trend is releasing films all over the world and in multiple languages, minting more gold from various territories.

This is very welcomed trend. So, the linguists need to brace themselves up for this huge creative opportunity.

by Akash Gulankar

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