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Article   | Translation : a continuous learning

Translation : a continuous learning

Everyone wants to have a job that will never end up being boring and annoying. But not everyone gets such an amazing job and career. And remember, you can always opt for such an opportunity. It's just that you need an eye to look at it. Usually creative fields like advertising, film making give such an opportunity to work with new things every day. But have you ever thought to it that Translation is such a field which can give you the Novelty every time you start your work. Even after having worked for 50 years, t you'll have only newer assignment waiting for you.

Considering the Novelty that Translation has, we can't ignore the fact that it also comes with an opportunity to learn new things and acquire skills every day. You encounter with many things you never had any prior knowledge about and you have to overcome that by the means of learning the things. The first thing that you'll keep on learning for years would be the Language. There are two main parts of language in translation - Source language and Target language. You ought to have a good command over both the languages. Though you have a good knowledge of both the languages being a translator you always find some or the other newer facets of it while working with a language.

Language is something that gets better with practice. More you practice it, sharper and stronger it becomes. For this you've continually keep working on it. You not only have to maintain your skill set but also to improve it with the course of time. As you are working on a pair of languages your vocabulary will automatically increase with time. But you also need to take some efforts to stay update about the recent changes in that specific language. For example, you are working on English, then you must stay update about recent borrowings of the new words into it. Having knowledge of some slang and dialects of the languages will surely help you know the languages with a new perspective.

While working as a translator you must always keep yourself immersed in reading. It will help a lot. You'll keep on exploring things that you've never even thought about a language. Along with practice, reading and being updated some courses or certifications related to translation will sure help you with your work. They will authenticate the skillset you possess which further will ease your task of selling yourself in the markets of languages.

Along with the other preparations you do the assignment of translation itself comes with a package. We get to know about the new topic every time. Secondly we explore it apart from the subject to get a good grasp of it. And finally it adds up to the treasury of our knowledge.

In my opinion a three step checking process will ensure the quality of work as well as it'll help you know things better. This is how it works - in First reading get clear with the basic typo error and sentence structures. Second reading should carefully go into the grammatical mistakes that are there. And third and final reading can ensure the accuracy of the translation. This way we could do the best of our work and also keep on learning continuously.

- Akash Gulankar

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