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What is a newsletter for me?


As we declared the new service of `Newsletters’, we had a mixed response.  Some calls sounded very welcoming, where the business owners and directors were aware what a newsletter is, what goes into it, and why they should have a good, regular newsletter for their businesses.  For some of our friends, the idea sounded very interesting, and they wanted to know more about it.

Here is a brief on `Newsletters’.


What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is a periodic communication an organization sends to its customers, prospects, employees, dealers, beneficiaries or stakeholders. It can be printed and sent physically, or it can be shared electronically. The purposes of newsletter are visibility, credibility and engagement with the recipients.  It informs about the developments in the organization, talks more about products or services, educates on current industry happenings and their implications.  Apart from these, a newsletter can be used creatively.


Do I need it?

If you deal with internal or external customers, you do need it.  It’s an excellent way of indirect marketing and brand building. Newsletters continuously connect with the customers and build an image of your organization as industry expert.  You can project your products, services, research, initiatives, success stories, key employee or customer, your USP, even discounts and promotional schemes through your newsletter.


Why to get external help?

It depends. Newsletters is a long term decision and it has to appear in the mailbox of the recipient on designated day without an exception.  Also, creating a newsletter needs multiple skills like content writing, design, a bit of research, compiling information and coordination of all these in a definite time frame.  If you have these capabilities in house, you can certainly create your own newsletter yourself, go ahead!

If not, it is always better to have professional help.


How TranslationPanacea adds value?

TranslationPanacea are into language services for long. With the experience of writing content for websites, social media etc., we could see the gap in newsletter vertical.  TranslationPanacea has the capability of creating beautiful articles out of raw news / information you have given, creating a template, and has the coordination capacity to produce your newsletter every month, without fail, with guaranteed quality.


This is how it goes…

Ø  You decide that you need to send newsletters and decide to outsource it to TranslationPanacea.

Ø  We understand the objectives of the newsletter, periodicity and expectations.

Ø  We propose a content structure and timelines, based on your decided date of issue of the newsletter.

Ø  We suggest three templates, and you choose one.

Ø  You designate one point contact in your organization for this work.

Ø  You give us raw data, information, news etc. and we create articles and columns out of it.

Ø  You approve it for technical details.

Ø  You can upload the articles on your website, or we can upload it on your blogspot.

Ø  We then flow it into the template, and share the ready newsletter with you.

Ø  You can just shoot the colourful, fresh newsletter to your mailing list.

Turnaround time? 10 days flat!


What are the commercial terms?

We have various packages suiting to your requirements and scope involved. Let us discuss it in person.

Do drop us a mail on

or call Tejswita on 02025230016.




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