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Introduction of the month

Mr. Bhinde is working with TranslationPanacea for 5 years. He is a versatile translator; capable of handling various types of content. He has translated books like Rozabal Line, Thirteen steps of bloody good luck, Sialkot Saga. Get to know him through our this month’s ‘Introduction of the Month’.

⇛ How do you started editing and translation?

Editing comes naturally to me. Being in the field of journalism and especially into the feature writing, importance of language and use of right words and phrases is prime. I started Translation as a hobby but didn’t realize when it became integral part of my life. Due to inclination towards reading and partly due to my profession both editing and translation gives me immense satisfaction, and that’s the reason I started it and continuing it.

⇛ What kind of work you do at TranslationPanacea?

Translation Panacea has become my family now. I have been associated with them for five years now. It all started with brochures and other routine stuff, but gradually books stated coming and after some technical and agriculture related translation assignments were under my belt real stuff started coming. So far I have translated Ashwin Sanghi's 3 books 13 steps of Bloody Good Luck, Sialkot Saga and The Rozabal Line. Satya Nadela's Hit Refresh and have edited 3 books so far.

⇛ What are the Quality norms of editing or translation?

Editing should enhance the value of the material and should make it more worthwhile. For translation it is said that it should be loyal to the original and at the same time has to be appealing to target reader. To ensure this the translator must be well versed in both the languages. As far as editing is concerned, the heart should remain intact but the look and feel should make it more enriching.

⇛ Necessity of quality norms

I think I am still learning and trying to figure it out for myself. To be honest, every assignment requires its own set of skill and knowledge for translator. But basic idea should be to keep it simple and make it crisp and this is not possible without the quality. Consistency is the key and simplicity is the goal. It is simple to be difficult while translating.

⇛ My year with TranslationPanacea!

Professionalism in approach and personalization in dealing is one thing I like in Translation Panecea. I have grown with this institute in my creative area. Every time a new assignment comes they too are equally enthusiastic about it. Still I think my best is yet to come.

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