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Article   | Tips for Agricultural Translation

Tips for Agricultural Translation

Agricultural Translation is one of the many types of professional translation. As Agriculture is one of the most important fundamental factors of today’s global economy, smooth communication is very important for overcoming any kind of language barrier. Our country is the ‘Land of Villages’ with many different crops grown. Hence Agricultural translation becomes a very wide topic which covers various sub-topics such as, Agricultural goods, crops, natural resources, crop nutrition, farm machinery, etc. Agriculture Translation can be challenging because this industry has many specialized words and technical terms. As technical terminology is involved, it is important to maintain high level of consistency and accuracy level. Translators have to make sure that they employ the frequently used terms of this specific field. They have to ensure that translation is done in local language so that the local people associated should understand it properly. The following tips can greatly help in effective agricultural translation.

1.     Read and gather information about the topic: If we are doing translation for various types of crops, it should include the season in which the crop is grown, type of soil needed, diseases of that crop, fertilizers used, method of using pesticides, etc. Try to read more and more about that crop and gather information from various sources so that while translating, it’ll be easier to understand the nature of the crop and the technical terms involved.


2.     Use local language: Try to keep the language simple and try to use words from local/native language as this translation will be basically useful for those farmers who work on these crops. Native language and terms make sure the end user understands what is being said correctly and effectively.


3.     Maintain Consistency: Always maintain consistency in translating technical and specialized words. Choose one particular word for the term and use it everywhere.

By applying these tips, we can make our Agricultural Translation more effective.


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