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September 2017




Translating Academic Content : A Challenge

Translation of an academic content is not an easy job. Lot of responsibility comes with it as you are carrying concepts, terminologies and history of the terms in a particular branch of knowledge from one language to another. For conducting the accurate meaning along with all the above mentioned potentialities, you have to reach up to the root of the word; the etymology of the word. Then only you can select, use or coin an apt word.                                                                                 ......Read More






Translating an App  :  What's so special about it?

 The carrier of content is changed from brochure to website and website to mobile application, or 'app'. Writing and translating the content for these 3 media is very different from each other.

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Is your eCommerce portal reaching your customers?

 e-Commerce portal is a great way to reach your customers. It cuts through geographical limitations, cuts off infrastructure cost, cuts down the competition and boosts sale and profits. However, you need to reach the full potential of your portal. This can happen when you reach the maximum target buyers. 
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 अवांतर : गणितातल्या गमतीजमती

बीजगणितात infinity साठी n-n number of things अशी संकल्पना वापरतात. पण आपल्या भारतीय वैदिक गणिताने त्या infinity च्या म्हणजे अनंताच्याही पुढे जाऊन दशअनंत ही संकल्पना शोधली होती. दशअनंत म्हणजे ९७ अंकी संख्या आणि ती इतकी मोठी संख्या त्याकाळच्या अभ्यासकांना तोंडपाठ असायची. गणित फक्त अभ्यासातच नाही तर आपल्या रोजच्या जगण्यात, प्रत्येक गोष्टीत आहे. पाहण्याची नजर हवी फक्त. "उठायला उशीर झाला", "अर्धा कप चहा घेतला", "इतक्या रकमेचं पेट्रोल भरलं", "भाजी महाग मिळाली"....ही आणि अशी अनेक वाक्यं आपण रोज बोलत असतो आणि त्या प्रत्येक वाक्यात कसलं ना कसलं तरी मोजमाप आहे.                                                                      ......Read More




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