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The other day I was telling my son how multimedia is making inroads into every platform. He looked up from his super smart phone and said with a puzzled look, “Has it not been there all along?”

I realised that my Gen-X son was right !

The purview of multimedia changed from Audiovisual to 3D games and spilled over to interactive Apps. Generating multimedia content is no more restricted to hi-tech media companies. It being creatively created within businesses using modern gadgets.

However, there has been an important change in the nature of the content. More and more local matter with global relevance is being created. Testimonials, product manuals, success stories, and case studies are created in the 'Mother tongue’ for better expression. Statistics tell us that 97% of multimedia content is created and consumed in local languages.

Now imagine – a testimonial from Coimbatore can inspire business from Catalan. A product instruction video in Hindi may be required by a Hebrew speaking user. A travelogue in Marathi can boost hotel bookings from California.

So what do smart businesses do?

They make this content multilingual. The same media is backed by subtitles in different languages. And how do they do it?

They engage TranslationPanacea, their reliable language partner. At TranslationPanacea, we understand that subtitling is not just translating and what is said – it goes beyond that. The multimedia content is range from an explanatory video to election campaign! So to engage more audience with the same content, contact TranslationPanacea now!

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