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Introduction of the month

Sushrut Kulkarni

Mr. Sushrut Kulkarni

Sushrut Kulkarni is working with us for 2 years. He has translated non-fictions, fictions and various legal documents for us. Get to know him through our this month’s ‘Introduction of the Month’.

• How did you start editing and translation?
When I started my career, I was a software developer. Soon I started editing technical documents and became an editor. Gradually I started writing columns on technology in newspapers. In 2012 I learnt German and chose this field as my career.

• What kind of work you do at TranslationPanacea?
I mainly translate fiction and non-fiction books for TranslationPanacea. Sometimes I translate technical documents as well.

• What are the Quality norms of editing or translation?
First of all, the editor or translator should be familiar with the domain. (If he or she is not well versed in that particular domain, wrong interpretations can happen). Clear and thorough understanding of the subject and knowing cultural nuances is a must.

• The necessity of quality norms
Due to the global reach social media, one can post whatever he or she wants on a global platform. Though such text is read by hundreds of people, it may not be counted as literature or even as serious text in the long term. Hence, for any serious work, be it literature or non-fiction, stringent quality norms are necessary. A good editor can add a lot of value to the text and make it crisp.

• My year with TranslationPanacea!
During last year TranslationPanacea was my mentor-partner. Be it for new content development or for translations, the agency has always supported me during the writing process. The strong and professional editorial team was ever ready to lend me a helping hand. It was very assuring that the client would always get my best work on time. The various training programmes held by TranslationPanacea for upgrading the language skills and imparting new technology updates were amongst the best in the industry. I will not hesitate to say that these regular initiatives broke the otherwise inevitable monotony in the profession and kept the fire burning inside me.

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